Trident Logger Class for OpenQM


The Trident Logger Class for OpenQM is a free QMBasic class that takes advantage of the object oriented capabilities of QMBasic, allowing you to easily add logging capabilities to your applications.  Logging is valuable for diagnostic purposes and usage analysis.

Trident's Logger class makes adding such functionality to your applications very easy.  Simply create an instance of the Logger class, set two properties, then invoke the WriteLog() method any time you wish to add an entry to the log.

 Logger = Object("tis.logger.cls") 
Logger->LogFileName = "MyLogFile"
Logger->LogItemID = "test.log"
Logger->WriteLog("Hello World")


Sample Output

01/01/06 14:32:01 --- process started                
01/01/06 14:32:02 --- loading data
01/01/06 14:50:21 --- formatting transfer
01/01/06 14:50:22 --- warning 223 invalid tags found
01/01/06 14:50:22 --- clean-up temp files
01/01/06 14:51:07 --- process finished


OpenQM 2.4-0 or later.


The Trident Logger Class is distributed under a BSD style license, the full text of which can be read here.


1.0.3 - 17 October 2006


Complete download - Class file and documentation (465 kb)